Recipes for the Week of 12/11

Brrrr... There's a chill in the air and I'm firing up the ol' slow cooker to try two new recipes! I really love returning home to the great smell of dinner all ready to go. I've tried a lot of recipes over the years in the slow cooker. Admittedly some have turned out...

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Recipes for the Week of 12/4

How is it December already? Good grief... I love the holiday season, but I don't like the long months of winter that follow. Its been a super busy two weeks for us since I last posted. Over the holiday break we celebrated Thanksgiving with the hub's large family and...

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Recipes for the Week of 11/20

Gobble, gobble, gobble! Ready for turkey day and the official kick off to the holiday season? Oh boy, here we go... This is a fun long weekend for our family filled with special traditions. First, we spend Thanksgiving in CT with the hub's family. It's a really big...

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Recipes for the Week of 11/6

Happy Monday! Well, I hope it's a happy Monday. I know many don't care for Mondays, but it's always an opportunity to start fresh, right? I don't mind Mondays because I get refocused on dialing in those healthy eating habits that may be been a little loose over the...

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Recipes for the Week of 10/30

Happy Monday! Any grown up Halloween festivities over the weekend? The hub and I attended an annual Halloween bash Saturday eve. There was a DJ and I always enjoy a dance party. 😉 I'm ready for the treats and sweets to go away now though. My 15yo had a little...

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Recipes for the Week of 10/23

What a beautiful weekend! I wish every weekend could be like that and we could avoid the transition into colder weather. Alas, apparently winter is the price we pay for the other wonderful three seasons here in New England. This week I have four meals to share. Early...

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Rose Colleran

Rose Colleran

I am a fitness enthusiast with a passion for nutrition and a desire to nourish my body with a wide variety of physical activities and diet. I love to share my excitement and dedication with others through recipe sharing, and fitness, health and wellness coaching. Everyone is busy these days, but through planning, practice and the right recipes you can nurture yourself and your family with healthy food. Healthy Food for Hectic Lives provides healthy recipes, meal planning, nutrition and fitness coaching that works with your busy life to make living a healthy life possible.


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