New Recipe: Baked Ground Beef & Cauli “Rice” (GF & Paleo)

Recently I've been enjoying using cauliflower rice as a replacement for rice. A few weeks ago I swapped it out for rice in a stuffed pepper recipe and I also created a recipe for Spicy Sausage & "Cauli" Rice. I like using cauliflower rice because it dramatically...

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Recipes for the Week of 10/9

Last weekend we enjoyed one of my favorite weekends of the year up in VT. It's a weekend full of family traditions. The 27th annual Chili Cook-Off was the kick off and a must do event! I love it! This year we sampled 19 types of chili. A woman commented to me the day...

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Recipes for the Week of 10/2

A little late on the weekly post this week. I was feeling a little under the weather for a few days. I think I'm over the hump now though. Fingers crossed! I'm excited that we will be getting a little more warm weather over the next few days and I want to enjoy it....

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New Recipe: Tomato Basil Shrimp (Paleo & GF)

Two new great recipes this week. I'm killing it! HA! I had purchased some of these items to make a different recipe (Roasted Chicken w/ Balsamic, Honey & Tomatoes), but due to some family schedule changes I opted not to defrost a couple pounds of chicken for two...

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New Recipe: Spicy Sausage & “Cauli” Rice

I'm loving the substitution of cauliflower "rice" for rice in recipes. Last week I tried the switch with stuffed peppers and liked the results which inspired me to try it again. While keeping the same volume of food, you significantly reduce the carbohydrate content,...

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Recipes for the Week of 9/25

What a beautiful weekend! I love September weekends that keep that summer vibe going. I think of them as an extra little gift from mother nature. We try to get up to VT at least once a month off ski season. Thankfully this was the weekend we had planned to go up this...

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Rose Colleran

Rose Colleran

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