Fit Girls is a great program I have had the pleasure to take part in for several years now.  Fit Girls was founded by Sarah Nixon who is a resident of the same town I live in (Medfield, MA).  It is an intramural program for 4th and 5th grade girls that has spring and fall 6-week sessions.  Over the course of the six weeks the girls train to run a 5K.

buy provigil online south africa Sarah lead the program in Medfield for many years and last year passed the torch to me.  I was very honored by her faith in me to carry on this great program.  What a great opportunity!  The program uniquely combines training for the race with reading and community.  I have added a nutrition education component by doing a “Fit Girls Challenge” at the end of each session.  The challenge is for the girls to eat all their daily requirements of fruits and vegetables and exercise and limit themselves to no more than one “treat” per day.

This afternoon is our spring end of session race.  It is bittersweet for me this session because my oldest daughter Madison will be moving on to 6th grade next year and won’t participate in the fall.  Sniff… However, my youngest daughter, Megan has made me promise continue coaching for at least another year until she can join when she enters 4th grade.  A promise I’m happy to make!

Run, girls, run!!!






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