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Yesterday we had a busy MLK day of soccer activities and my mother-in-law was joining us for dinner too.  So, I was looking for an easy dinner that would also be good for guests.  I saw a recipe on 100 Days of Real Food that called itself “The Best Whole Chicken in a Crock Pot“.  Well, I’m not sure if it was the best because it was the first whole chicken I ever made in a crock pot, but it certainly was good!  The chicken was extremely tender and fell right off the bone.  The husband thought I had purchased a rotisserie!  My girls love rotisserie chicken.  So this was a big hit! *Note: Step #2 on the instructions gives you the option of putting the spice mix under the skin, but I think you should definitely do that.  Otherwise, if you remove the skin as I did, you would be taking away a lot of the flavor.

I also made a Sweet Potato & Pumpkin Puree from my New American Plate cookbook.  This was also really good and enjoyed by all.  I can’t locate the recipe on line so I have added it to the Recipes tab under a new category of Vegetables & Sides.

I recommend giving both of these a try!

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