Believe it or not – The Colleran family is going on another vacation over February break.  We are headed out to CO for a ski trip.  I can’t wait!  We took the girls skiing out west for the first time last year.  They were finally both old enough and good enough skiers to make it worthwhile.  It was a blast so we are doing it again.  Have you ever been on a ski trip out west – or in the east even?  Well, a good ski trip usually involves a beer with lunch and more apres ski cocktails at the end of the day, big dinners out and, for me anyway, less exercise than normal to compound the whole thing.

SIDE NOTE:  This winter I finally confirmed what I always suspected about skiing.  I now wear a Nike Fuel band that tracks my steps, calories burned and a Nike coined term called “Fuel”.  What I found is that skiing is a big drop in my normal daily activity and stats.  Now bear in mind, I’m not a crazy bump skier, but a cautious mid-range ability skier.  So, it’s possible for others to get more out of the day, but for me, it’s kind of like a day off from exercise.

Wondering what I’m getting at here and what it has to do with Bob Harper?  Well, given I’m still on the high side of my normal weight range after the holidays, I’m experiencing a little anxiety about the concept of heading out on this trip without getting back to the low side of my weight range.  (It sure doesn’t get any easier to maintain your weight over 40!  Good grief…) So, I have come up with a plan!

1. No sugar/treats/desserts, etc. for three weeks.
2. Consumption of alcoholic beverages only once per week.  We already have an activity/event scheduled one night of the next three weekends where I will likely have a glass or two of red wine.  No beer though for the full three weeks!  (Of course, I only enjoy those big, hearty IPAs.)  Bear in mind, I only indulge in alcoholic beverages on the weekends anyway.  I don’t only stick to this practice to avoid the calories of the beverage, but there are the calories and bad choices that come along with a glass of wine or two when you say “Darn it – I work so hard.  I deserve…(fill in the blank).”
3. I purchased a book by Biggest Loser coach Bob Harper called “Jumpstart to Skinny“.  I have and recommend Bob’s previous book “The Skinny Rules” which includes 20 straightforward, reasonable rules for both weight loss and maintenance and some basic healthy eating guidelines.  Since I’m always interested in trying new strategies, I thought I would check out his new book that outlines a “3-week plan for supercharged weight loss.”  I’ve read through the menu and recipes and I’m not going to fully follow his plan because 1) it’s targeted for individuals who do less exercise than I do 2) I think I will make larger sized family friendly dinner recipes that I can share with the family and have leftover for lunch and 3) I would miss my morning smoothie too much.

I’ll be posting my weekly meal plan tomorrow which will include reference to the dinners I have chosen to try out next week.  Watch out – these are UBER-healthy recipes.  Want to join me?!  C’mon!  What have you got to lose?  Just a little excess weight…

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