I can’t believe it’s been a month since we started our little project!  It’s been a big success so far and we’ve added a lot of new options to choose from for school lunch.

Do you have any suggestions to share?  What do you pack your children for lunch?

Here is what we have planned this week:

Madison, as I mentioned in an earlier post, is a creature of habit with what she eats.  She has been eating a bowl of Life cereal for breakfast (with some fruit – of course and a glass of milk) the entire school year so far.  So, not surprisingly, when I asked her what she may want to try this week for lunch she said she didn’t want to try anything new and requested to have English Muffin Pizza again.  For anyone paying close attention, this has been her choice for 3 of the 5 weeks.  Hey, if she’s happy with that, I’m good with it too.  Thankfully, she now eats the whole wheat version of english muffins without any complaint. 🙂

Megan is going to try Oatmeal Applesauce Pancakes.  Yes, for lunch. 🙂 You can pack them with a little maple syrup, jelly or yogurt for dipping.  The recipe was included in the 6-Week School Lunch Plan from 100 Days of Real Food that we began this project with, but it’s not on their website to link to.  So, if it’s good, I’ll post the recipe next week.

We’re also trying:

In Week 2 we tried No-Bake Power Balls (sans chocolate chips) which were a big hit.  So, I thought I would try a different variation: PB Energy Balls.  I decided to use almond butter instead of peanut butter, but I think that is the reason why these just wouldn’t roll into balls.  This recipe seemed to call for “hand” mixing rather than a spoon.  So, once my hands were deep into the mix it became clear the concoction was never going to form into balls.  I called the husband over for some assistance and asked him to add some peanut butter hoping it would provide the binding I needed, but it just never did.  HOWEVER, it was really, really good.  So, instead this week I’m going to refer to it as “granola”.  I think it will be great on plain yogurt for breakfast or lunch this week too.  I’ll try this again with all peanut butter and see if I am able to get the right consistency for rolling.

What We’ve Enjoyed So Far:
Week 1: Apple sandwiches, Butternut Spice Bars and Toasted Pita Chips with Hummus
Week 2: No bake energy bites, homemade ranch dressing for veggie dipping and english muffin pizzas
Week 3: Rice and bean burritos
Week 4: Egg salad on Harvest Wheat crackers and cinnamon raisin toast with cream cheese (We used the Whole Foods brand which was very good.)

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