Last night we tried another Paleo recipe from Chicken Basil Meatloaf.  I used ground turkey instead of chicken and I didn’t have any  dried parsley.  Other than that, I followed the directions.  My 12 yo had a second helping and said “Mom, I really like this.” Words I rarely hear from my somewhat picky girl.  My 9 yo also said she liked it, but better than that, this morning she randomly said “Mom, I really liked that meatloaf last night.”  Again, when does this stuff happen, right?!  Give it a try!

I served roasted sweet potatoes and roasted broccoli too.  My 12 yo had a soccer game at 6PM.  So, I had prepared the meatloaf to pop in the oven along with the veggies each in their own large zip lock bag to be poured on the pans and roasted as well.  Very easy dinner for a busy night!

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