Another crazy weekend on deck!  Soccer games, dance recital practices, sleepovers, dinner with friends, long runs, long bike rides, catapult building, etc., etc…

Friday:  The girls each have a friend coming over.  They will be making cupcakes for a bake sale Saturday morning.  It will be pizza night for everyone but me! 🙂 As usual, I’ll be picking up salmon and a vegetable side from Whole Foods por moi.

Saturday: We are going to dinner at the home of some good friends who live about an hour away.  The hostess said I didn’t have to bring anything, but I have a strict rule about never showing up at someone’s home empty handed.  It’s just rude.  So, I am bringing a Shredded Brussels Sprout Salad w/ Citrus Vinaigrette I have made once before.  She is a fabulous cook and I’m sure dinner will be great!

Sunday: I think we may lapse into a habit of going to an early, casual dinner at Noon Hill Grill on most Sundays through soccer season.  The weekends are so busy through the first week in June!  It’s a nice way to end the weekend with a Mayflower IPA and my favorite Salmon Nicoise salad.

Monday:  Madison has a rescheduled soccer game at 6PM.  My mother-in-law is swooping in to save the day – and dinner!  She is going to pick up my younger daughter from dance and then come to our house to get dinner started.  I will have it all ready for her to just pop in the oven when she arrives.  I am going to try another Paleo recipe from Chicken Basil Meatloaf.  I’ll also serve roasted sweet potatoes and roasted broccoli.  Easy and healthy!  My favorite combination. 🙂

Tuesday: Taking a queue from my bestie Debra who is working through all the food in her freezer (Check out her blog if you’re curious.  She has lots of great recipes you can try too!), I am pulling out some Slow Cooker Italian Chicken I made a few weeks ago.  This goes well over pasta for the rest of the family and wilted greens for me.  I love when a recipe yields enough for two meals!

Wednesday: Dave typically has soccer on Thursday nights, but this week it’s on Wednesday.  The girls and I will be on our own so I am thinking I will pull out some shrimp I have in the freezer for the grill.  The husband isn’t a big fan of seafood.  I’ll serve it with some brown rice and a vegetable (TBD).

Thursday: I am going out to dinner at Zebra’s Bistro with two friends I’ve been coaching for the second year to run the Boston marathon.  A group of us ran last year and these two friends had not yet crossed the finish line before the bombing.  They were stopped within a mile of finishing.  That was a crazy, scary day I hope to never repeat.  This will be an evening of celebration though.  I know they will get their chance to cross the finish line this year.  Cheers to them and all the others who are brave enough to return and try again.

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