The next three weeks of our lives are completely crazy – mid week in particular.  I look at my calendar and become completely overwhelmed and wonder how I will get myself and my children to all the places we need to be.  We have dance recital rehearsals, soccer practice, my Fit Girls program begins, track meets and gymnastics – to name a few.  Really, it’s the dance recital rehearsals that both girls have that is the big stressor.  It’s like this every year at this time and I wonder how we will get through, but somehow we always do.  Meal time has to be REALLY creative sometimes and planning takes on a whole new level of importance.  Continuing to make every effort to provide a healthy meal even during these periods of over-scheduling is very important to me.

Here’s what we are doing Week 1 of 3:

Friday: My 12 yo has soccer practice smack dab in the middle of the evening 5:30 – 7.  That really bugs me on a Friday night.  Anywho… We are moving pizza to Saturday night for my 9 yo’s birthday party (see below).  Tonight we will instead enjoy burgers on the grill using burgers that were part of my monthly meat delivery that arrived this week.  I’ll also grill both russet and sweet potatoes (sliced thin, long way and tossed in olive oil and minced garlic first).  I’m also making a small salad of halved cherry tomatoes and cucumbers marinated in balsamic vinaigrette.

Saturday: It’s the big night of my 9 yo’s birthday sleepover bash.  Ugh… I really dread big group sleepovers.  We will serve pizza and keep it simple.  I’ll hope for some leftovers to be around from Friday night or perhaps defrost a soup I have in the freezer.

Sunday:  Given we won’t be going out on Friday or Saturday night, I’m thinking an early Sunday dinner at Noon Hill Grill is in order.  Personally, I will enjoy a yummy Mayflower IPA on draft and my favorite Salmon Nicoise salad.  Same thing every time! 🙂

Monday: 3 out of the 4 of us won’t be having dinner until approx. 7PM.  Perfect excuse to continue on our habit of breakfast for dinner on Mondays.  Eggs, veggies and whole wheat toast or english muffins.  Quick, healthy, easy… My 12 yo will be at a dance recital rehearsal 4:45 – 8:30.  I think I will make some egg salad to include in a packed dinner along with some veggies and fruit.

Tuesday: Last week over vacation I had planned to make Easy Chicken Quesadillas one night.  Due to a couple of changes we didn’t end up having that for dinner.  However, because I had a rotisserie chicken in my refrigerator I still made the quesadilla filling last Thursday and put it in the freezer.  It’s so easy.  I just remove the chicken from a rotisserie chicken (purchased from Whole Foods), sauté with a jar of Green Mountain Gringo salsa plus I added some spinach.  I will have whole wheat tortillas on hand and give the family the option of having it like a burrito or quesadilla.  I’ll have mine over… drum roll please… wilted spinach! 🙂  I’ll also serve french style green beans.

Wednesday: I have a container of Slow Cooker Jambalaya in my freezer to use.  Thank goodness  for meals that yield enough to freeze!  I’ll also serve roasted broccoli.

Thursday:  One more tray of Pizza Spaghetti Squash Pie (Paleo recipe) in the freezer!  It’s a great week to whip that out.

The bummer is I think this week will officially deplete all the items I had stocked in the freezer.  What will I do next week?  Well, we’ll have to cross that bridge later. One week at a time!

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