It’s a big weekend for the Colleran family!

Friday in CT: We will arrive for Easter weekend in time for dinner.  The whole gang enjoys getting pizza from a local establishment.  I plan to bring some leftovers from home (Paleo Turkey Basil Meatloaf  and the left over sweet potatoes from this Roasted Sweet Potato Salad).  I’d rather delay the weekend of gluttony one day. 😉

Easter “Saturday”: It’s tradition with the extended Colleran family that we celebrate Easter dinner and our growing number of April birthdays on Saturday night rather than Sunday.  This allows us to do the Easter egg and jelly bean hunt and breakfast on Sunday morning and then head back home before it gets too late in the day.  We all travel to CT from MA.  It’s also customary that everyone bring something to contribute to the meal.

I’m bringing:
Roasted Eggplant Spread (NEW) to serve with the appetizers along with vegetable crudite for dipping.  This recipe came from the New American Plate cookbook (which I recommend).  I can’t locate it on-line.
Poached Fish with Garden Vegetables (NEW) – I am hoping to buy halibut for this recipe.

SundayThe day has arrived… I’m officially the mother of a teenager.  It’s a little sad.  Sniff… Anyway, at our house the birthday celebrant gets to pick a location to go out for dinner.  At posting time she has yet to decide where she would like to go.

Monday: Brussel Sprout, Potato & Chicken Sausage Hash (New) I like the sound of this recipe.  I’m on the fence on whether or not to add the eggs or go without.  We’ll see…

Tuesday: Asian Lettuce Wraps (New) A friend recommended this and sent the recipe in an email.  So, if it’s a hit, you can look forward to it as a Recipe Review next week.

Wednesday: Chicken Piccata (New) and Tomato & Zucchini Gratin (New) I tried a sample of this recipe at Whole Foods, enjoyed it and took the little recipe card to make it some time.  I can’t locate the recipe on their site to provide a link.  So, here it is:

*Saute two onions, with tsp minced garlic and 1-2 TBS of olive oil, once onions are cooked and translucent, pour the mixture into the bottom of an oven proof dish.
*Slice tomatoes and zucchini and arrange them in layers on top of onions.
*Sprinkle with a salt, pepper and a drizzle of olive oil
*Bake at 350 for an approx. an hour.


School Day Breakfast & Lunch: I’m always on the hunt for new school lunch options for my newly 13yo (who is gluten intolerant and VERY picky) and my 9yo just likes to try new things for breakfast and lunch.

This week I’m making a recipe I’ve made before that my 9yo enjoyed: Whole Wheat Carrot & Applesauce Muffins. I have some unsweetened applesauce on hand from another recipe I’d like to use.  My 13yo won’t be able to enjoy them due to the wheat, but unfortunately she often turns her nose up to the items I diligently make so SHE has options anyway.  My 9yo and I end up eating them most of the time.  What’s up with pickiness anyway? So frustrating… That being said, she does get gradually more open.  I’ll just keep plugging away.

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