I tried this new recipe tonight.  I thought it had great flavor and would definitely make it again.  I opted to use ground turkey.

Recipe adaptations:
*I used dried minced onions because I found I was out of onions.  OPPS!
*I omitted the cayenne pepper.
*I didn’t read the recipe closely enough and mixed the BBQ sauce right in rather than pouring it over the top.
*I substituted garbanzo flour rather than almond flour because I’ve been having some issues with almonds lately.  Bare in mind this swap would technically make it non-Paleo.  So, stick with almond flour if that’s a priority for you.

Time Saver Tips: If you are short on time, you could prepare it the night before and pop it in the oven when you get home.  You could also use a rectangular pan instead of loaf pan to reduce cooking time because it’s flatter.

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