Have you ever tried my Sweet Potato Tacos recipe? I know, I know… It sounds kind of strange, BUT they’re great!

I really like this recipe for a many reasons:

  1. Most importantly because (in case you haven’t heard) I LOVE sweet potatoes. 🙂
  2. Those yummy little cubes of sweet potato amp up the nutrient quantity in the taco considerably.
  3. My picky 14yo doesn’t care for sweet potatoes, but will eat them in this recipe.
  4. It’s really easy to mix up the ingredients and toss in the oven for 45 minutes while you accomplish other things.
  5. If you have people coming home for dinner at different times, this is a great recipe. People can make their tacos easily whenever they are ready.
  6. The recipe is very modifiable for all diets. My family likes the mix in a taco with cheese and sour cream. I like my mix on it’s own. Last night I tried it with red pepper wedges for scooping (see photo). I liked that a lot and will definitely do it again.

Go ahead, just try it!

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