Reader beware! This is going to be a LONG post. There is a lot going on next week to share.

First, no cooking as usual this weekend until Sunday evening which will probably be just eggs/breakfast. We are going to a matinee performance of Wicked at the Providence Performing Arts Center on Sunday and will be treating ourselves to brunch beforehand. So, I think we will want a “light” and easy dinner once we get home. Earlier in the weekend I’ll be competing in a CrossFit Competition and attending a fundraiser gala in our town.

Following all that weekend fun I’m embarking on a new “diet” journey. Reebok CrossFit Medfield is facilitating a month of following the Zone Food Block Diet. I have never tried this plan before and I’m always game for trying out something new. I think of it as research. I’m also curious to see how my body will respond. Will I feel hungry, tired, energized? We’ll soon find out! I’m starting the plan a week earlier than other participants because 1) I’m ready to get going 2) I want to be a resource for everyone once they begin.

The plan begins! The first step for following this plan is to determine your daily block allotment by using this body fat calculator. I found that I am allowed 13 blocks per day (1 block consists of 7 grams protein, 9 grams carbohydrate and 1.5 – 3 grams of fat depending on the amount of fat in your protein source). So, that looks something like 3 blocks per meal with two 2 block snacks.

enter site My 3 Block Breakfast: I like to have a smoothie in the morning. Typically I use greens, frozen fruit, a scoop of Juice Plus Complete Protein Powder and cinnamon to make 3 portions: Me, the husband and the 11 yo. I don’t measure any of the ingredients. I just cram my Vitamix about 1/2 full of greens and then top it with the rest. I’m going to have to modify my morning ritual and make two batches in order to calculate the blocks correctly. I’ll probably have this smoothie each day mid-week and maybe treat myself to one of the other 3 block breakfast referenced here.

My block smoothie recipe: 1 scoop of Juice Plus Complete Protein Powder, 3 almonds and 1 block of fruit (probably either 1 cup of strawberries, 2/3 cup of raspberries, 1/2 cup of grapes or 1/2 cup of melon)

*To round out a 3 block breakfast I will also have one egg either fried of hard boiled.

go to link My 3 Block Lunches: I plan to purchase a rotisserie chicken and canned salmon or tuna. I will have a 21 gram portion (7 grams*3) of one of those proteins along with 27 grams (9 grams*3) of a vegetable carbohydrate (maybe cauliflower, spinach, cucumber, celery, red peppers, etc.) and my 9 grams of fat (3*3) will consist of whatever fat is included in my protein source along with nuts, nut butter, mayo or olive oil.

enter Monday: Taco night! I’ll have a 21 gram portion (7 grams*3) of ground beef cooked with homemade taco seasoning (2 teaspoon chili powder and 1 teaspoon each of cumin, oregano), 27 grams (9 grams*3) carb portion consisting of salsa over greens and tomatoes and my remaining fat portion of olives. I’ll get cheese, corn tacos, etc. for the rest of the family.

Tuesday: Chicken & Vegetable Bowl – I’ll have a 21 gram portion (7 grams*3) of rotisserie chicken, 27 grams (9 grams*3) carb portion consisting of salsa and green beans and my remaining fat portion of olives. The rest of the family will have their chicken quesadilla style.

Wednesday: Chicken & “Spaghetti” – I’ll have a 21 gram portion (7 grams*3) of grilled chicken, 27 grams (9 grams*3) carb portion consisting of spiralized zucchini and tomato sauce and my remaining fat portion of olives. I’ll pasta too for the rest of the family.

Thursday: I have dinner plans with a friend. This will be a little trickier. I’ll order a salad of some kind depending on where we end up.

Snacks: I’ll probably do combinations of cottage cheese, fruit and nuts or apple/celery and nut butter.

OH BOY! Here we go!

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