buy Tastyliaonline no prescription Next week the husband is traveling. Such a bummer. Thankfully he doesn’t travel for work often because it really stinks on many levels. He usually picks up the dance carpool two nights per week on his way home from work. It’s really annoying to have an hour round trip right in the middle of the timeframe you would be cooking. Not only does it delay the food preparation, it delays the eating! I really don’t like to eat late. I’m really, really hungry by 6PM. You know what happens when I have to wait? Ever heard the term “hangry”? Yup, that’s me. It’s not pretty.

source It also makes meal time challenging when planning for just the girls and I. The yield for most recipes is typically too much for the three of us. Especially when one of my girls has such a limited palette.

In addition to him being away, one night I’m also meeting a couple of pals for dinner. So what does all this mean? Well, I don’t have many recipes to share since I’m not doing a lot of official cooking, but here’s a couple.

Chicken & White Bean Soup (GF): A soup or chili is a great thing to make because you have leftovers for lunch.

Shrimp Piccata (GF & PALEO: Embracing the fish while the non-fish eating husband is away. I haven’t made this recipe before.

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