where to buy provigil online I’m baaaacckkk! We returned home from paradise really early Saturday morning. Boy, red eye flights are tough. I’ve never taken one before. Unless necessary, I’d prefer not to again. BUT before that we had a really, really fabulous time on our vacation. Now that the girls are older our family time with all four of us present is less and less. The 15yo even said “I like it when we are all together like this.” So, it makes you appreciate it all the more.

http://oceanadesigns.net/images/granite/bianco-sardo/bianco-sardo-t.jpg After vacations I always look forward to getting back to healthier eating. My morning smoothie is a welcome way to start the day. However, after dinner tonight I was thinking I didn’t miss cleaning up all the pots and pans. 😉 This will be a short cooking week for me though. Wednesday morning I’m heading to FL to help my parents pack up to head north.  Before that I’m making a couple of tried and true recipes from my website. Both recipes are gluten free and both have Paleo and non-Paleo options noted.

Brussels Sprouts & Chicken Sausage Hash (GF & PALEO variety option noted): When I’ve made this in the past, I’ve made the mix excluding the potatoes which I cook separately on the side. Usually I roast them and then add them to the families portion and I have mine without making it Paleo. If you aren’t concerned with having a Paleo version, just follow the recipe as is.

Stuffed Sweet Red Peppers (GF & PALEO variety option noted): Similar to the recipe above I make two versions of this recipe. I cook the ground turkey and split it in half. I add shredded zucchini to mine and brown rice and a little bit of shredded zucchini for the rest of the family. The recipe suggest to half the peppers, but tonight I tried standing the peppers up whole (tops cut off) and stuffing them that way. I think I’ll do that in the future. It was less messy in pan.

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