I’m baaaackkk! I’m sure 5 weeks flew by for you, but not so much for me. It’s been quite a journey. I have a whole new appreciation for something that seems so simple – walking. I spent four weeks in a brace and on crutches. On Thursday I took the brace off and began transitioning to weight bearing on my right leg. Friday I was still using two crutches, Saturday I was down to one and since Sunday I’ve been crutch free. So awesome!

I can’t imagine going through this experience without the support of friends and family and, surprisingly, even people I barely knew. People brought meals for my family, stopped by in the afternoons with an iced coffee for me, dropped off books and mags, drove me to stores, the gym and PT, nail and hair appointments, brought me silly little gifts like the socks in this picture and even the simplest of things like sending a text just to check in meant so much to me.

I still have months before I’ll be back to doing the things I love like running and CrossFit without physical limitation, BUT I will get there. I have been comparing this phase of my life to a pregnancy. The 6-12 months will seem long, but in a few years it will seem like a small blip in my life.

You know what I can do? Get back in the kitchen! Did you try anything good over the last 5 weeks? Please share!

Without further adeiu, here’s what I’m cookin’ next week. These are four new recipes I’ve not made before, but they look well worth trying.

Watermelon, Arugula & Feta Salad (GF): We need to bring a side to a BBQ we are going to Saturday afternoon. This looks fabulous! It is very similar to a great salad someone delivered to me while I was recovering.

Sausage & Peppers w/ Zucchini Noodles (PALEO & GF): This is a new recipe I haven’t made before. I’m going to modify a few things. I’ll use only sweet italian chicken sausage. I don’t think the girls would be too keen on the spicy option. I will also use Rao’s marinara rather than Ragu since Rao’s has no added sugar.

BBQ Chicken & Black Bean Tacos (GF): I will have mine over salad greens rather than in a taco.

Caprese Chicken (GF): I’ll simplify this recipe by grilling the chicken (not also baking it).

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