Last week we were in Colorado for a week with the husbands whole family. We have been going out there every other year for about 10 years now. I LOVE it there in the summer. It’s so beautiful. We returned late Friday eve and I spent the weekend at a 2-day CrossFit Kids certification program. With the time change, travel and 2-day class, I was pretty worn out last night and enjoyed an easy summer dinner at home of burgers and corn on the grill and spinach salad.

I am excited to get back to making meals at home this week. While I try to maintain healthy eating habits on vacation, alcohol and dessert are a daily evening indulgence that adds up. That combined with my extremely reduced level of activity since my surgery has me feeling a little soft around the middle. Ho hum… I find summer a challenge to stay on track even when I am able to keep up my normal level of activity. I was commiserating about this after a workout this morning with a few other pals this morning. I know I’m not alone in saying the summer is far more difficult to uphold a strong resistance to cocktails and ice cream. The important thing is to not give up and keep making good choices as often as possible.

On that note… Here’s what I have cooking this week:

Sweet Italian Sausage & Sweet Potato Hash (PALEO & GF)

Chicken & Sauteed Cabbage (PALEO & GF) – I’m intrigued by this recipe. Though it does look like it requires more time than I typically like to take on dinner, but the time looks to be mostly in simmering rather than active participation on my part. My mom used to make something when I grew up that we called “Cabbage & Noodles”. I loved it! It consisted of shredded cabbage sautéed in a lot of butter and tossed with egg noodles. While this is quite different, I’m still thinking I’ll enjoy it. My 15 yo on the other hand, unlikely. Oh well!

Easy Chicken Quesadillas or Burros – When wrapped in a tortilla this recipe would be neither Paleo or GF (unless you purchase GF tortillas), but you can also have the mix over greens or on its own in a bowl.

go here Thursday Farmer’s Market – I love when the Farmer’s Market is open in the summer! I like picking up some fish and fresh veggies to create something fresh and healthy for dinner. The featured picture is something I enjoyed a few weeks ago – Grilled scallops with a side of sauteed spinach and Rao’s marinara.

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