source url A little late on the weekly post this week. I was feeling a little under the weather for a few days. I think I’m over the hump now though. Fingers crossed! I’m excited that we will be getting a little more warm weather over the next few days and I want to enjoy it. Last week I created two new great recipes: Tomato Basil Shrimp (Paleo & GF) and Spicy Sausage & “Cauli” Rice (Paleo & GF). I suggest you give them a try!

This week I’m trying a new recipe and making one already featured on my site.

Creamy Tomato Basil Chicken (Paleo & GF): This new recipe pairs the chicken and sauce with roasted butternut squash, but I think it would be great over zoodles. Not to mention that in macros I get a LOT more volume in zoodles than squash. So, that’s how I’ll be serving it. 😉

Brussels Sprouts & Chicken Sausage Hash (Paleo & GF): I’m going to exclude the potatoes this time.

Thursday I don’t have a meal planned yet. I will swing by the Farmer’s Market to see what they have and possibly pick up some fish there too. If nothing thrills me, I have some shrimp in the freezer.

I’m looking forward to heading to VT on Friday for one of my favorite VT weekends. Weather is looking a little iffy for Saturday which doesn’t bode well for an outdoor festival. Maybe the forecast will change?

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