What a beautiful weekend! I wish every weekend could be like that and we could avoid the transition into colder weather. Alas, apparently winter is the price we pay for the other wonderful three seasons here in New England.

This week I have four meals to share. Early in the week I have two simple dinners that don’t even require a recipe and later in the week I’m trying two new recipes.

  1. Sunday we enjoyed a classic autumnal meal. I put a pork roast in the slow cooker with sliced apples and onions and sprinkled it all with cinnamon and served it with baked sweet potatoes. Couldn’t be easier, folks!
  2. Tonight I’m grilling chicken to have for dinner and for lunch the next few days. I’m serving it with zoodles and pesto. Again, easy peasy.
  3. Easy Paleo Hamburger Pie (GF & Paleo): Looks intriguing! I have grass fed ground beef in the freezer from my monthly meat delivery from Walden Local Meat.
  4. Spaghetti Squash Jambalaya (GF & Paleo): I’m going to simplify this recipe and only use sausage (Applegate Sweet Italian Chicken Sausage). I am serving chicken another night and only slicing the sausage will be a big time saver.


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