Happy Monday! Any grown up Halloween festivities over the weekend? The hub and I attended an annual Halloween bash Saturday eve. There was a DJ and I always enjoy a dance party. 😉

I’m ready for the treats and sweets to go away now though. My 15yo had a little gathering Friday night which included cupcakes and a lot of candy. My 12yo had a bake sale Saturday morning which involved us making more cupcakes and chocolate chip cookie bars. Not to mention we’ve been ghosted a few times. Ugh… Too many temptations kicking around here. If you are feeling the same and live in the Medfield area, the Neighborhood Brigade is collecting Halloween candy to benefit three great causes: Medfield Youth Outreach program, Operation American Soldier and the UCC is making soldier care packages. So, join me in suggesting your children sort through their bags and whittle the quantity down to a more reasonable stash. You can drop off your candy Wednesday – Sunday at 7 Penobscot or 7 Copperwood in Medfield.

Here’s what’s cookin’ this week:

Slow Cooker Mexican Shredded Beef for Enchiladas or Soft Tacos (Paleo and/or GF *if* you enjoy without the tortillas or soft tacos OR purchase GF options OR serve over greens like a taco salad)

Grilled Chicken & Roasted Butternut Squash (Paleo & GF) – Pretty basic, but I like to make grilled chicken early in the week to have on hand for lunch the rest of the week. For the roasted butternut squash, I simply toss with olive oil, season and bake 400 for approximately 30 minutes.

Baked BBQ Chicken & Pineapple (GF if you select a BBQ sauce that is GF – To be Paleo you would likely need to make your own sauce) and Roasted Broccoli

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