Gobble, gobble, gobble! Ready for turkey day and the official kick off to the holiday season? Oh boy, here we go…

This is a fun long weekend for our family filled with special traditions. First, we spend Thanksgiving in CT with the hub’s family. It’s a really big group that seems to grow every year. Most people bring something to contribute to the meal to make it a little more manageable for my mother-in-law. I always make my mom’s version of mashed potatoes which are quite naughty. They are filled with butter, cream cheese and sour cream. YIKES! I try to balance that by making something more healthy as well. This year I’m making this Shredded Brussels Sprouts Salad (I’m skipping the cheese). Friday morning we will head up to VT where we will get organized for the upcoming ski season. Sunday we will cut down our Christmas tree before we leave at this really cute tree farm, tie it to the roof and bring it home with us.

Before we start the overeating, we’ll be enjoying these healthier meals. 😉

Baked Ground Beef & Cauli “Rice” (GF & PALEO)

Sheet Pan Chicken Teriyaki w/ Vegetables (GF & PALEO depending on what type of teriyaki sauce you use)

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