Last week I didn’t share my weekly meal plan since the hub was away Monday – Thursday and the 15yo wasn’t home for dinner 2 nights. So, the 12yo and I kept it simple. What does that mean? Well, have you checked out my @healthyfoodforhecticlives Instagram page? I’ve been posting my dinners and some lunches with all the calorie and macro details. Please follow me if you don’t already! I appreciate the love.

Speaking of keeping it simple, did you ever check out my post on Quick, Easy & Healthy Dinner Supplies? In this post I provide a short list of supplies you can always keep stocked so you can make a healthy dinner in no time.

After a weekend in VT, the family will all be home for the week and I’ll be making some more interesting dinners. Sunday we had breakfast for dinner. I’m not inspired to cook anything time consuming after packing up in VT and sitting in the car for three hours. Eggs works perfectly!

Monday – Wednesday I’m trying out two new recipes and one I’ve made before, but switching up the ingredients a little bit. Instead of Thursday shrimp night this week I’m meeting two friends I’ve not seen in a while for dinner. Looking forward to catching up with them! The beauty of flexible eating with macros is that I can still enjoy a nice dinner out with friends and stay on track by looking at the menu in advance and planning out my day. I’ll gladly allocate 25 grams of my carbs for the day to a glass of wine with my gal pals.

One Pan Chicken Cacciatore (GF): No shrooms for our family, but the rest looks good!

Pizza Spaghetti Squash Pie (GF&Paleo): I’ve made this before as noted with sausage, but I’m going to try it this time with ground beef. I have some in the freezer from my monthly meat delivery from Walden Local Meat, so why not?!

Bacon & Sausage Braised Cabbage (GF&Paleo):This is a new recipe I’m trying with some revisions. I am going to use sweet italian chicken sausage so I can remove the casings and crumble it up rather than using pre-cooked and sliced as she used. I’m also going to skip the bacon. Not because I don’t like bacon! Unfortunately, sausage and bacon combined leaves me with far too little fat in my fat macro bucket for the rest of the day. I’d be forced to consider skipping things like cream in my coffee – which isn’t happening. 😉

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