Happy Monday! Here in New England a lot of people are tired and sad today due to the Super Bowl game. I’m not sure I’d say I’m sad personally, but I’m definitely tired. 11PM is too late for me on a school night. Thankfully my schedule could accommodate going to the 9:30AM class rather than the 5:30AM I normally attend. Getting up at 5AM seemed particularly unappealing this morning.

We had a great time last night at a party with a lot of good friends. I brought grilledĀ chicken w/ sweet & spicy peanut dipping sauce. The host asked me to bring that again though I don’t recall brining it last year (too much celebrating?). Despite the fact that my contribution to the super bowl party was a healthier option than most, I overindulged to the max. Ugh… Oh well, that’s what the 80/20 life is all about. Onward!

This week I’m making:

Brussels & Bacon (GF & Paleo): Given I still have a pound of bacon kicking around I didn’t end up using last week (see why here), I selected a recipe that would require me to use it.

Sweet Potato, Sweet Italian Chicken Sausage & Spinach Soup (GF & Paleo): I haven’t made a soup in a while. A big pot of soup always yields a lot of leftovers for lunch. Love!

Slow Cooker Chicken Cacciatore (GF & Paleo): A versatile and easy recipe that pleases those that like to pair it with pasta and those who’d prefer zoodles.

No Thursday shrimp night this week. I’m meeting a friend out for dinner instead! šŸ˜‰

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