Recipes for the Week (3/10 – 3/16)

This is a BIG weekend for my 11yo! She is beyond excited for her first dance competition Sunday with her teammates from the new dance studio she transitioned to this year. Saturday we head to Providence, RI to watch some of the other teams compete in the afternoon,...

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Recipes for the Week (3/3 – 3/9)

Boy is it cold in New England! Brrrr.... It's been so mild lately its a bitter slap in the face. We are in VT for what is likely our final ski weekend for the season. Yesterday I opted to snowshoe rather than ski because I new I would be warmer trekking up the...

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Week of 2/24 – 3/2 Recipes

This weekend we enjoyed the remaining days of February break in VT. Thursday was our first ski day on the slopes and it featured temps in the 60's. It was great, but the warm temps and some rain Friday morning took quite a toll on the coverage. It's a bummer to see...

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Week of 2/17 – 2/23

Did you notice the title of this blog post excluded the word "recipes"? Well, that's because we are headed into February school vacation week and I'm not going to be doing much cooking. YIPPEE! BUT I do have a surprise for you! We were invited to a friend's house for...

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Recipes for the Week: 2/10 – 2/16

I'm super excited for the weekend! The husband and I have a rare opportunity to head to VT without the girls. Initially this was a really easy thing for us to potentially pull off. Unexpectedly family friends offered to bring the girls to NH with them to go skiing....

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Recipes for the Week (2/3 – 2/9)

We aren't headed North this weekend. In some ways that's a good thing and other ways not. PROS: I typically eat better, drink less, etc. when home than when in VT. We have the opportunity to get together locally with friends. It also keeps the girls happy when they...

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Rose Colleran

Rose Colleran

I am a fitness enthusiast with a passion for nutrition and a desire to nourish my body with a wide variety of physical activities and diet. I love to share my excitement and dedication with others through recipe sharing, and fitness, health and wellness coaching. Everyone is busy these days, but through planning, practice and the right recipes you can nurture yourself and your family with healthy food. Healthy Food for Hectic Lives provides healthy recipes, meal planning, nutrition and fitness coaching that works with your busy life to make living a healthy life possible.


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